Support Us

The History Society’s mission is “to preserve and share”, and each year the Society aims to keep alive, and raise awareness of, the history of Keighley and the surrounding area.  It does this by:

  • safeguarding an ever-growing physical collection of items such as books and pictures
  • maintaining an online archive with thousands of images of the town and its citizens that anyone can look at
  • arranging guest speakers and events every month where people can hear about the history of the town
  • publishing a quarterly newsletter that promotes the work of the Society
  • working in partnership with local schools, the Council and other bodies on projects that relate to the history of the town and the local area
  • sharing good practice and resources with other organisations interested in preserving and promoting our local history
    promoting the work of the Society through social media, through articles in the local press and through attendance at events such as the Keighley Show

You can support the History Society in several ways: