Look & See – Q26

Keighley’s prosperity, which enabled the building of our rich Victorian/Edwardian streetscape was built on the streams and rivers of the valley, which initially powered our Industry and are represented on the Keighley Crest by 3 blue lines within a circle. However the spirit of the people was also a great part of our success. Over history it was forged in the cover forest, hills and valley’s during the “Harrying of the North” and fired into steel by the aftermath and recovery. This was represented in the “Fire and Steel” sculpture ( currently residing at Our Lady of Victories School) and the Mosaics, designed by school children, that adorned the 1968 shopping Mall. The statue of Rombald was presented to the town by the developers of the 1968 Mall. Then he stood proudly, a full 12ft tall in the bottom Square surrounded by flowerbeds. Now he stands, somewhat shame-faced, in the upper Square, carrying a few stones (having lost his large boulder) and surrounded by cafe paraphernalia.