Due to the ongoing Covid situation the only practical way forward for the Speakers Meetings is to hold them online on Zoom.

The dates of the meeting will be advertised on the Calendar, as usual, with a link to our Facebook page, where you can resister an interest by clicking “Going” or “Interested”.

You will then receive an email from Steve Bown, our Vice-Chair and Zoom Manager, with an invite and the link and password for the Meeting.

The meetings will be free of charge and will be held as normal on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Zoom link will be open from 7pm to give time for people to get online and settled and to give time for a Society update. The actual Presentation will stat at 7:30pm.

As some of the Speakers charge us the best way we have come up with to cover this is to make some of the meetings Members Only.

The current Annual Membership is only £10 per person or £15 per couple. Membership is explained and can be accessed online via our links