The Knowle

Knowle or Knoll House is the oldest and for a long time the most comfortable of the “New Money” grand houses built for the up and coming Industrialists of the area. and is intergrally linked with the progress of the town. In fact at times it has housed a many of the major textile families who wanted to take the next step – to become Gentry.

The story of the house begins in the middle of the reign of George III and it remains a grand house until 1956, with the death of Percy Clough.

Knowle House Timeline

The house was turned into a Funeral home by the Co-op in 1968, but it retains many of it’s original features the firendly atmosphere that it must have had as a family home for many generations. While the gardens have shrunk a little from the original size it is immaculately kept and now includes a Garden of Rememberance.

The Co-op kindly offered us the use of their premises, out of hours, as part of their plans to use the House for more Community use, has it had often been in the past.

We generally hold our monthly Archive meetings there, with the occassional Speaker’s Meeting being held there when it provides a more suitable venue for the subject.

The Society’s thanks go to the Co-op for allowing us to use such a beatiful and important building.