Ongoing Projects

Members Project List 2018

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  1. Creating a Digital Photographic record of the Area.

This is an ongoing project to record the current Streetscape and to record in particular older buildings that are going to be redeveloped or demolished. This can be done ad-hoc by Members using Digital Camera’s or Phone. We can then transfer these items to our Archive..

We now have enough understanding of our Archive to know which area’s have already been covered, they are mainly central Keighley but please check before you start.

2.    Cataloguing and Digitising the Physical Archive of KDLHS

This is a Major and ongoing project which is generally undertaken at our  Archiving Meetings.

  1. To Identify, Catalogue and Organise the KDLHS Digital Archive

This again is a Major ongoing Project, which will be progressed partly at the Archiving Meetings but a substantial amount can be done from the comfort of your own home via. our Flickr site. If you have registered an email address with us you will shortly receive an email inviting you to join our Flickr site. Tammy has put in a great deal f work using her specialized knowledge in photography and copyright. Tim is now leading the project, busy organising into Albums but help is needed in identifying places and information relating to them – please see Fllickr sheet.

  1. Yorkshire Industrial Heritage Online

This is a joint project backed by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society. The aim is to identify, research and put online, on the YIHO website, historically accurate details of Industrial sites in the area. We have made a good start and are currently bringing together the details of a number of sites, before uploading them. A major discovery has been the lost site of the WW1 No 1 National Shell Factory.

  5   The Home Front

This has lead to a new Project as in researching the No.1 NSF we discovered that “secret” meant just that and recorded details of the Home Front are few and far between. It seems that local knowledge is going to be the best source and we need to collect it before it disappears.

6     The Outreach Program

Seed funding from Keighley Town Council has enabled us to test the water for a new program. To reach out to and work with the wider community to engage, inform and educate on the history of the area with it’s relevance to today’s society. This seems to have hit the ground running.