While Keighley,  to those who visit it today, may seem like a typical town of the Industrial Revolution it’s history stretch’s much further back than it would seem.. The Keighley Timeline, which we are working on, is surprising.

While we know that items from Pre-history have been found in the locality and are on display at the local Museum,

Cliffe Castle Museum

History of Cliffe Castle

While we leave others more expert than us to explore this area KDLHS will concentrate on the last Millenium.

Our local history, in the main, has been influenced by the topography of the area, we have also been touched by National and International events.

All of this has given us a unique and surprising history to explore.

Over the years we find that we have collected an astonishing amount of digital material which we are using on this site to explain Keighley and all it’s foibles.