The Society was formed in 2004 following the Centenary of Keighley Carnegie Library.

It was felt that a dedicated local history society would benefit Keighley and help to preserve and strengthen our vast and varied Heritage in Keighley and the Local Area.

The Society is a fully Constituted organisation, run by it’s Committee on behalf of it’s Members.

We aim to collect, preserve, understand and ultimately share the unique and intersesting history of our local area. In the process we hope that people can learn how the areas relate to eah other and how the ethos of the area has developed.

We hold monthly Speakers meetings on a variety of subjects relating to local history. These are open to everyone.

While we concentrate mainly on the Districts covered by the pre 1974 Keighley Borough Council, the history sometimes spreads to include other areas that have at times been linked or administered from Keighley.

Our Archives contain books, publications, documents, photographs, other media projects completed by members, and small objects relating to the area.

Many of the items have been donated from personal/private collections and as such make an unique resource.

The archives cover such a breadth of subjects that they will hold items of interest for Family Historians, Social Historians, Researchers and Academics.

As our Archives have grown, with more digital items within it, we realised that we had a resource that could be made available more widely via the internet and so was born the KDLHS-DA.

We are still researching and improving the digital quality of the items, but we have managed to make about 5000 images public on our flickr site.

More images, still to be properly researched ,  are  open to Members, via their special invite email.

We also work with a number of local partners to help them open up their own Archives