Review of 2019

If you want to see what the History Society got up to in 2019, have a look through this presentation. If you are interested in joining in with or supporting what we do, please consider becoming a member for 2020. Come along to any of our monthly meetings or see the Support Us page on the website.

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History Society review of 2019

2 thoughts on “Review of 2019”

  1. Hi, i lived in Keighley until i was 58yrs, 10 years ago. My great gandparents were from Ireland, some from Sligo. There marriage Certificate of 1860 says they both lived in ‘clubhouses’ Keighley. Ive never heard of ir before and have had no luck researching. Anyone of your members know where they might have been and what they were.. thank you and much appreciated.
    Anne Cuthert (nee O Hara)

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