Guide to Keighley Corporation Museum

Keighley Corporation Museum opened up in the former Eastwood House in what became Victoria Park in 1899. It was housed there until relocating to Cliffe Castle in 1959. The History Society has recently acquired a guide to what there was to see at the museum in 1940, which makes for fascinating reading.

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2 thoughts on “Guide to Keighley Corporation Museum”

  1. Hi.
    I have a 6ft cast iron bench made by Smith Harris of Keighley with the ByWorth boiler makers family crest. I’m restoring it to its former glory. I have found family crest history on ByWorth website. I asked them abou the bench but they did not have any info except to give me your link. So……
    Q. What period does it come from?
    Q. Why crest that denotes ByWorth on something that wasn’t theoretically made by them?
    Q. Where these benches used in parks or for inuvidual owners?
    I would really appreciate any leads on this.
    I have a good photo of bench end. How do I get this to you? Thanks. Colin

    1. Hello Colin. Possibly the best way to get some information would be to join our group on Facebook. We have over 600 members and it is easy to post a photograph on there. People are often very helpful with their comments. If you are on Facebook, then you can search for Keighley and District Local history Society and you will find the ‘closed group’ which you can then request to join. Regards, Tim

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