2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend coming up”

  1. I have the opportunity to use the Butterfield Room at Cliffe Castle to deliver a talk/performance on the Bradford Civil War Siege and Keighley’s part in that conflict. This would be in the spring 2018. Would you help me organise the evening and you can have the door take? I can’t organise everything on my own and it would be a great shame and missed opportunity to lose the chance to do something at Cliffe Castle. Many thanks, Malcolm.

    1. Hi Malcolm

      Sorry for the delay in reply but I had to run this by the Committee and it just missed the Dec meeting, as we’ve never done this sort of thing before.

      The general concencus was that while it seems an interesting proposition and fits in very well with our programme of broadening our profile and working with others we would need a bit more detail on what you would actually need us to do and do you have any firmer idea of the date?

      Thanks for thinking of us, we look forward to hearing from you.

      Joyce Newton – Chair

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